WEEK IN REVIEW July 30 / Post 300

This is my 300th post. Yay! I’ve been lacking in the posts recently but I’m still doing at least one post a week!

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Not a whole lot has been happening in the last few weeks comic speculation wise, however, in the last few days some really good news came out about Paul Pope’s creator owned series Battling Boy. Published by first second, Battling Boy was first designed as being a comic book but production company interest before the book was even completed resulting in Paul Pope inking a film deal.

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This week only a few weeks after the release of the second volume of Battling Boy, The Rise of Aurora West, a director has been  named for the Battling Boy film produced by Plan B Entertainment. This means that a lot of money and production hours are being spent on this project. The book to be looking for is the first appearance of Battling Boy – The Death of Haggard West #1. Published as a 32-page comic this prelude to the first Battling Boy Graphic Novel was available in limited quantities upon release and sold for upwards of $10 to $15 when it came out .The book has recently cooled off, but with production revving up on the Battling Boy project, this is a book to be looking for and holding on to.


Titan publishing comes out with new titles that keep selling out, going to second printings where the first print becomes a collector item. This has been a common theme in the past few months in the order Marvel / DC / Image Comics retailer environment, where new smaller publishing companies don’t get as much ordering attention.

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This is the second time Titan comics has published a Tank Girl comics and this is the second time the issue has sold out and started heating up on ebay. 21st Century Tank Girl is a clear winner with issue #1 already going into a third printing with first printings hitting up to $20! With issue #2 – a risque pin up style cover selling for $10+. Issue #3 hasn’t even come out yet and this book is pure speculator gold.

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