Week In Review: July 22 / Slow Week

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Not a lot happening this week but here is a great speculation pick where you can participate from your computer…

This week saw the release of Justice League Gods and Monsters, a Justice League film produced and co-written by Bruce Timm – famous for his Batman Adventures series. This week also saw the release of the Justice League Gods and Monsters prequel comic books spanning four issues. The series doesn’t really have speculation value. So what am I talking about this for? There is an exclusive Justice League Gods and Monsters Bluray only available at Bestbuy that comes in a steelbook and with an action figure pegged as the Deluxe edition. This deluxe edition retails for $24.99 – but has been selling for $45 on ebay! This item will probably drop down and start selling for around $35 – $40, However this item will never lose value unless opened.

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.02.51 PMThe Justice League Gods and Monsters Deluxe edition is available at Best Buy stores and currently online for $24.99. 

Another item that came out this week and was broken by Bleedingcool was the DC reconciliation with Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella. DC has made it clear they are pushing for a more diverse super-hero line up and arn’t pushing towards creating new ones. So right now is the time to be buying up Black Lighting #1s (Black Lighting’s first appearance) and holding on to them. Something is happening with this property!


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