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Two days ago two actors were cast in Super heros roles resulting in their first appearances heating up. It was announced that Anarchy was cast in the CW Arrow TV-Show. Anarchy first appearances in Detective Comics #608. This book has only recently stepped out of the $3 range, selling for up to $10. This book is trending upwards and is one to be looking for. When the character premieres on the show – this book has the potential to hit the $30 range.

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Another character that was recently cast in a television show is Silver St. Cloud. Silver St.Cloud is being vamped as a younger love interest for Bruce Wayne in the FOX Gotham television series. Silver St. Cloud first appears in Detective Comics #470.  All reasonably priced copies on ebay have been snatched up and only copies above the $20 price range remain. This book has a lot of potential just being that they are introducing a new female character into the series. This character should be around for a large portion of the Gotham Series- this book can still be found in the wild and still has a lot of growing room.

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Mondo is a company that does collabartive retail pieces with different companys – usually basing around pop culture. Mondo has in 2015 started in a big way redesiging what is to be expected from a DVD or Bluray Steelbook. When Mondo has exclusive store sales the items usually sell out quick and upon delivery start selling for double the original asking price.

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Currently Mondo has a special TMNT action figure available for pre-order based on Kevin Eastman’s original TMNT pin-up that started his obsession. The figure is being offered at $65 USD and has great speculation value. Upon release these things will be in demand! 

While you’re at the website another item that is available for sale that is selling for more then double its original price is Mondo’s Special exclusive Boom Studios variant cover for Big Trouble in Little China #1 – being offered for $10, This book sells on ebay for an average of $25.

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  • where you able to order a tmnt figure? went to the mondo site to do so and it says there no shipping methods available to my location? i messaged mondo. strange?…

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