THE All New Marvel Universe (Part DEUX)

See Part one from a few days ago here. Marvel is revamping there characters and story-lines after the current Battle-World / Secret Wars event. Marvel recently released two images showing the future of the Marvel Universe. I spoke about the first image here. and the following is about the second image, seen below. 1283805143696621414The above image shows part of Marvel’s All New character line up – based largely around the Movie / TV universe this is a Marvel Relaunch in the vein of the New 52. It features Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Old Man Logan, A female Wolverine, Star Lord, Medusa, what appears to be Shadowland Daredevil, Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, Citizen V, The Thing, Rocket Raccoon, Inferno and the hooded figure is Karnak. This new line-up brings a lot of old characters into the mix so there are a quite a few books you should be looking for. Inferno – There are two Inferno characters in the Marvel Universe and we don’t know who this is yet, so this might be a character with no real book to clam after. Hyperion – Marvel’s Superman rip off turns mainstream. First appearing in Avengers #69 – this character has a lot of potential.There are three versions of this character so there could be more books to buy in the very near future involving this character. Avengers_Vol_1_69 Shadowland Daredevil – In the above image it appears that Marvel is bringing back the Shadowland Daredevil – A Matt Murdock that controls the HAND, resulting in him controlling Hell’s Kitchen while also being possessed by a demon entity. This first appears in Daredevil #508, a book that currently barely sells for cover price and has a lot of potential. DD508cvr Citizen V- First appearing in Thunderbolts #45 – this is another book you should be looking for and holding onto. Selling for under $5, this book from 2000 is still very readily available online. IMG_0012 Wolverine – Will Wolverine #66 see a bump in value now that Old Man Logan is back in the forefront of the Marvel U? Will Mark Millar return to the character? This book currently sells for $10 to $20 but the potential of this book is based on how the character will be used in upcoming stories. The female wolverine is X-23, the new line-up news has resulted in X-23’s first appearance to see a big jump in price. In the last month X-23’s first appearance, NYX #3 in CGC 9.8 has gone up $100 in value. (Based on GPA) Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 2.11.13 AMThis is the clear winner in the new Marvel Universe and is a book you should be holding onto. Scan-150608-0001 Do you have a tip you’d like to share? Comment below! Or hit us up on Facebook! Happy Speculating Want to be first to see our updates? Follow us on Facebook Follow my posts on Google + 

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  • Wouldn’t the first appearance of Old Man Logan be on the cover of Uncanny X-men 141? Grey hair and same leather bomber jacket…

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