Valiant Watch – Divinity #1 Update


**First and foremost, big shout out to the Comic Book Mint, they were the first people to point this out.** 

Divinity #1 has been selling for $30 to $35 and has been getting a lot of press recently. Divinity is a four part mini-series, however, Valiant has confirmed that the series will be continued in a second arc, showing this book still has a lot of potential.


One thing that was pointed out to me this week** is that the first appearance of Divinity appears in a different Valiant book that has been selling and heating up in the past few days, Ivar Time Walker #1.


Regular prints of Ivar, Time Walker #1 have been selling for $5 to $15, where as the variants are selling for $40 to $60, with the GOLD logo variant being the clear winner.

Ivar, The Time Walker #1 Gold Variant is the one you should be looking for. First appearance of Divinity, selling for $60, up from the $40 average of last week!

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  • How ironic. In the Valiant Universe Handbook 2015 edition, that just came out, it shows Divinity’s first appearance being Divinity # 1.

    • The preview obviously came out before the actual #1.
      A preview appeared in three books with Ivar, The Timewalker #1 being the first one published.

      • Now I’m hearing Valiant Next 2015 Preview is the actual first appearance of Divinity due to publication date. Thoughts?

  • Any info on how to tell which print I may have? I bought issued 1-3 all at the same time, but it looks like no other e was paying attention to this at my LCS.

    Can you expand on why you feel this is a hold Instead of a quick flip?

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