The Weird Catch Up: Another Valiant Post

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This has been a pretty weird last two weeks.

– Common announced to have signed some kind of DC Movie deal where he will appear in the Suicide Squad as an unconfirmed character – my money is on John Stewart. Imagine the race politics of a black Daily show host!

– a “Miles Morales” Easter Egg has been found in Daredevil.

– There was a $20 presale for a C2E2 exclusive that is no selling for $80 and is no longer a C2E2 Exclusive.

– A “fake” Age of Ultron end of movie Spoiler video

– Weird Ms.Marvel Speculation that has resulted in blue label CGC 9.8 First appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel selling for very close to the same as the First appearance of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel. Its Crazy.

And with the Avengers Age of Ultron coming out at the end of the month you know there are going to be some crazy easter eggs / speculation articles coming out of it.

But I’m going to talk about the Valiant Movie Franchise because I didn’t really touch the surface with my last post, so here is a run down and update of the Valiant Universe Movie Keys.

So Valiant and Sony have announced a five movie partnership with Bloodshot coming out in 2017 , this has resulted in Eternal Warrior #4, the first appearing of Bloodshot to explode in value.

The Valiant movie schedule is Bloodshot, Harbinger, Bloodshot 2, Harbinger 2, Harbinger Wars.

So here are the books to be looking for,

Eternal Warrior #4 – first appearance of Bloodshot

Rai #0 – (as pointed out by OCguy72) the first FULL appearance of Bloodshot, currently selling for $15 – $25.

Harbinger #1 – first appearance of Harbinger  – This book has been selling well for the past two years, but its currently hitting the $150 mark in raw condition!


Harbinger #2 has a lot of potential as its the first appearance of ROCK, (and Swallow and Sparrow) a founding Harbinger foundation member, who should be appearing in the films. Harbinger #2 – 16 all different first appearances and signficance. However, Rock should play an important role in any Harbinger film.

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Solar Man of the Atom #3 is very undervalued at the moment. Currently selling for $30 to $50, it is the first appearance of Toyo Hardara, who is the end all bad guy in the Valiant universe. This character was also very prevelent in the Valiant relaunch of 2012.

Did I miss a book that you think is going to be important in the Valiant Film Universe? Comment below! 
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  • Any word on the Harbinger War comics?

  • Except Rock, Swallow and Sparrow aren’t characters in Valiant Entertainment’s version of Harbinger (or any other title) and will have zero to do with the movie. The movies will be based on the 2012 books, not the 90s titles, so Peter Stanchek, Zephyr, Kris Hathaway, Flamingo, Torque, Livewire and Harada are the key characters.

    • I disagree. The relaunched blood shot titles are terrible.

      • You disagree that they will use their own properties because you don’t like the new Bloodshot series? Whether you like it or not isn’t going to impact the business of making movies. Again, the characters you mentioned don’t appear in the comic books that are the basis of the movies.

  • Eternal Warrior #4 came out one week before RAI #0 and is the TRUE 1st appearance of Bloodshot. Valiant has confirmed this.

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