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Free Comic Book Day is coming up in two weeks, May 2nd and its a great day for all things comic books. Most stores hold sales, contests, signing AND they give away free books. I am a big advocate of going to comic book stores BEFORE the FCBD and offering money for the FCBD books. Currently full sets of 50 are selling for $70 on ebay! But here is a run down of a few of the individual books you should be looking for.

Here are three books that have sparked my interested, I’ll update this list if I find anymore. If you have any suggestions comment below!


DC 2015 Convergence FCBD #NN
This first book had already had one or two presale sales of $10. This is one of the highest print run books of FCBD so tread lightly. However, it is the first appearance of the new Batman – this book has potential, but it really only prints up a preview of Batman #41. This could be like the Rocket Racoon book from last year, but again, tread lightly.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW 2015 FCBD #1
Here is another book that has been selling for $10 already! However, this book has been steadily selling for $10 on ebay presale for the last two weeks! This book includes the “Is Donatello dead?!?” story that everyone’s been waiting for. The creative team arn’t publicly speaking about Donatello’s status, but maybe this entire book will? Based on what happens, this book could have long term potential.

STK666533Fight Club FCBD 
This book is the continuation of the Fight Club movie storyline! This book has a lot of potential because of the Movies success and popularity. This book should make non comic book fans come into comic book stores looking to continue the story!

STK666538Hip Hop Family Tree Three in One
Back for more? Following the massive popularity of last years Fantagraphics Hip Hop Family Tree Two in One comes a Three in one. The 2014 FCBD edition is the first Hip Hop Family Tree book that can be CGC graded and it started selling for $10 – 20 last year! Now that Fantagraphics have announced an monthly on-going Hip Hop Family Tree series – this book has a lot of potential for long term demand.

If you’re just going to stores to pick up free books, please spend money on something, even if its the latest My Little Pony Comic. This event only happens by continued support of retailers! Again, go to your favourite retailer before the event and tell them you will pay for copies if need be. 

Is there a book I didn’t mention that you think has potential? Mention it below!
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