Valiant Comic Watch: Sony Confirms the Bloodshot Movie

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 10.11.34 PMThis has been speculated and rumored on for the last few months and more so these past two weeks but it has been confirmed by Sony and Valiant today that the two companies have joined a five movie project bringing the Valiant universe to life.

Sony and Valiant also confirmed that the first film to be released will be Bloodshot in 2017. Bloodshot’s first appearance Eternal Warrior #4 has already been trending upwards as of this week. This book has been selling for $30 to $40 by itself on ebay. Right now this is the book to look for, and it has great holding potential.

Valiant and Sony have two directors already tied in for the Bloodshot film so the likelihood of it actually happening is very high. Plus the new Jeff Lemire, Bloodshoot Reborn title is a great read! Bloodshot is coming back baby!

xAnother thing that happened this week is Iceman comes out as gay in All New X-Men #40. Its really a comical panel where the information is revealed. The Market wasn’t very responsive to the Northstar wedding issues, but when it comes to Marvel you never know.
Happy Speculating
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  • Don’t Forget about Rai #0…First full appearance of Bloodshot. Cheaper right now and should get hot as time moves closer to the films eventual release. As far as X-men 40? Meh, I am getting tires of the comic industry forcing character race, gender, religion and sexual preference down our collective throats (no pun) for the sake of politics correctness or just shock value to sell more issues. Don’t read much X-men so I will pass on that one.

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