The Weird Catch Up: Deadpool / X-Men

This was first mentioned by Simon Payne at the end of last month. This is old news. This is the third instalment of The Weird Catch-up, this months Hollywood speculation theme.

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It was announced last month that comedian TJ Miller would be playing Weasel in the upcoming Deadpool movie, playing an integral role as Deadpool’s sidekick. Weasel’s first appearance has been regarded (and is listed on almost every Comic Book Wikipedia site) as Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1, published in August of 1993. However the REAL first appearance of Weasel is currently a dollar book! Readily available in bargain bins at MANY Local Comic Book Stores! As pointed out on the CGC Collectors Society website and Simon Payne, I am of course talking about Cable #3 published in July of 1993, published a full month before Deadpool A Circle Chase #1. And this isn’t an in the shadows appearance!


And this continues for two more pages! This book has been selling for anywhere from $3 to $12 on ebay, has A LOT of potential and is very readily available in the wild.

In Marvel Movie news, press screenings have begun for Avengers Age of Ultron and every day it seems there is new Marvel Movie news. Today Bryan Singer has announced that Archangel would be appearing in his new X-Men film, under the name “Angel”. Costume Concept Art Below – looks like a grey Archangel to me.


This means there are two books to look for, two looks that without movie speculation have been climbing up in value the last three years. X-Factor #15 – The first appearance of the Four Horsemen – Archangel is in the Four Horsemen Group. Archangel’s first full appearance is X-Factor #24 and based on how he is used in the film this book is going to explode. Currently a $30 to $50 book in near mint condition still has a lot of potential!

X-Factor_Vol_1_15 X-Factor_Vol_1_24

Happy Speculating
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  • Reposting my comment from your “source”: Except the cover dates aren’t when Marvel issues are released. They are released two months before the cover dates (even earlier before the direct market). So, theoretically, Cable was May and DP was June. But I’m fairly certain Cable was running late back then (yes, even by the third issue). It eventually took a brief hiatus to catch up and retool. So unless someone can pull 22 year old shipping invices, picking one book over the other as a first appearance is an educated guess at best.

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