The Weird Catch Up: Jupiter’s Legacy

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This is the second instalment this month of the Weird Catch-Up. This months Hollywood run down theme. Today’s instalment is brought to us by the ATLComic news – a great Twitter account that covers all Comic Book Stores relevant to the Atlanta – Check them out! 

Yesterday it was announced that Mark Millar had partnered with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura for the film adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy. This is what? The 5 Mark Millar Project to have some kind of hollywood optioning? Remember it was just last year at this time Fox announced it was going to optioning Superior for the Big Screen – and there has been NO news since. This is a little different because Di Bonaventura is a producer, best known for G. I. Joe Films. So Jupiter’s Legacy has a better chance of being the next Secret Service.

The second volume of Jupiter’s Legacy – Jupiter’s Circle #1 came out this week while the first issue from the first volume can still be found for cover price at most comic book stores. Sales were so poor for this title that there is a strong possibility you can find issue #1’s in the dollar bins of your local comic book store.


The book to look for now is the 1:20 variant cover, which you can still find for anywhere from $6 to $15 online. This is the book that people are going to be looking as more news comes out, if more news comes out about this film.

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