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All good things have to end. I was just informed that the Image Display Logo Variants or the “Image Comics Floor Display” are being discontinued in its current state. Here is an exerpt from the e-mail recieved by participating retailers,

Dear Retailer,
From this title on, there will no longer be separate covers for the floor display consignment copies. Instead you will receive additional copies of the regular cover. We sincerely hope this helps with your ability to track sales and minimizes any unnecessary complications when it comes time to process your returns.
The title you will be receiving in the Floor Display Program for 04/01 is:

So this could very well be one of my very last posts about the Image Display Variants. This week we have one new Variant. The MASTER LIST can be found at the link.

Invincible #118 (March 25, 2015)

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 1.41.30 AM

The Full list can be found here

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  • So these “variants” might soon become rare….
    Like the DC Combo Pack variants…..?

    • I have a large interest in Image Comics. I don’t have any personal copies of these books, I just think they’re cool.
      I think they could have Pressman Variant potential, but like Pressman’s you’d have to wait 15 years for them to be really rare.

  • One thing people are not realizing is these books were returnable by the stores in the program. I don’t think that Image will ever tell us how many of them were returned so we don’t have any idea how many are left in circulation. (The returns were strip cover returns, we would just have to send back the covers to get credit. Each book returned was destroyed by returning it. Most of the other stores I spoke to in the program were returning what they had left so they did not have to pay for books they did not want to hold on to. There may be some VERY low amounts of many of these around a few months from now.)

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