March Hit List Part three in french AKA Valiant Comic Watch 2015

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This is 100% an old news catch-up post. Valiant announced last week that an outside investment group had partnered with the entertainment company putting a nine-figure sum of cash towards a new movie branch of the company. This has resulted in jumps in prices on many Valiant books that can still be found for under $5 at your local comic book store. Valiant hasn’t said what property would be developed but hinted that all properties would eventually be put into a Marvel-Movie-type universe. Below are books that are largely regarded as Valiant “Keys”.
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Magnus, Robot Fighter #5 (1991) first appearance of Rai – this book has been selling for $15 – $20 in raw condition which is a small jump from the $3 – $9 it was getting before last weeks news.

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Another book selling for $10 – $20 is Solar #3 (1991) – this book features the first appearance of Toyo Harada

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Selling for $25 for the last few days – up from its $5 to $10 average pre-Valiant-investment news, X-O Manowar #1 – featuring the first appearance of X-O Manowar armour.


Another book that seems to have doubled in value is X-O Manowar #4 – the first appearance of  Jack Boniface who later becomes Shadowman. This book has been selling for $20 on ebay. $20!


Shadowman #1 – the first appearance of Jack Boniface AS Shadowman seems to be hitting $20 online.

Another $20 Valiant book is the first print Solar #10 all black cover. The First appearance of the Eternal Warrior.
Archer and Armstrong #0 is also hitting the $20 – $25 mark. This book features the first appearance of Archer and Armstrong has a arguably insane print run and should be very findable for under $5.


Rai #0 has been averaging $10 with some peak sales of $15. This book features the first appearance of Bloodshot. (although he appears on one page in Eternal Warrior #4)

These books have great turn and burn potential. Holding onto these books probably isn’t a good idea because one can assume that at any time Valiant will announce which character will and will not be developed into the “Valiant movie universe”.

Happy Speculating
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