Gotham TV-Speculation Part 2


Continuing with yesterday’s Gotham TV-Speculation list, this is Part 2.

Batman #535 DC 1996

The First appearance of the Ogre. This character will appear on the March 9, 2015 episode of Gotham. This book can readily be found for $1 – $3, has two covers and features a fold-out-foil cover. FOLD-OUT-FOIL!

Detective Comics #457

This book has been getting some notice, selling for around $20. The first appearance of Leslie Thompkins, a close friend to Thomas Wayne. (Yes, THAT Thomas Wayne- Batman’s dad).

Batman #331

First Appearance of The Electrocutioner – They decided to go with the earlier version of the character, character name Jack Buchinsky.

Batman #386

 First appearance of Black Mask – This book has cooled down quite a bit in the last few months, which has resulted in right now being a good time to buy this book.

Batman #475
Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 6.51.03 PM

The first appearance of Renee Montoya AKA The Question. Renee is a main character in the TV-Show. This book has been selling for $10 but has a lot of room to grow.

Batman #742
Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 2.43.08 AM

First appearance of Crispus Allen, another main character on the TV-Show.

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