Gotham TV-Speculation Part 1


I recently did an CW’s Arrow Key Round-up, so I thought it would be fitting to do the same with another super-hero TV-Show, Gotham. Gotham, unlike Arrow and Agents of Shield, hasn’t ammased as much of a fan following – leaving almost all key books to featuring main character first appearances to be found for very reasonable prices, both online and in the “wild”. This is Part 1

Gotham Central #1 2003 DC
This TV-Show is very loosely based on this Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka DC Book, Gotham Central. This book sells for around $10, but if the series gets picked up for second season and has a minimal hiatus, this book has a lot of potential. If you have copies hold on to it, and if you can find copies for cheap, buy them.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #204 (2006)


First appearance of Aubrey James, the mayor of Gotham City. (“a city of justice, a city of love”.) This is a $1 – $3 book with a lot more potential than some of these other books.

Catwoman Volume 4 (new 52) #4

This book has pretty much disappeared off ebay. This book is the first appearance of Detective Carlos Alvarez.

Batman #404 (AKA. Batman Year One Part 1)


This book will always be a key. Its just Frank Miller’s definitive storytelling with David Mazzucchelli’s meticulously art. This book also features the first appearance of Arnold John Flass, a corrupt narcotics agent – Gillian B. Loeb a predecessor of James Gordon, and finally Carmine “The Roman” Falcone.

Batman #405 (AKA. Batman Year One Part 2)


First appearance of Detective Sarah Essen, a main character in the TV-Show

I talked about so many books I had to do a Part 2! Stay Tuned!

Did I miss a book you think is a Gotham Tv-Show Key? or Do you have an unrelated Arrow tip you’d like to share? Comment below! Or hit us up on Facebook!

Happy Speculating

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  • Gotham was already renewed for a second season on January 17th. I think this one (like Arrow) will gain steam as it goes along.

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