Word?!?! Foom #15 First MS. MARVEL?!?!

Revealed earlier this week on Google + and that new Investment Blog..
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Foom Magazine #15 came out in September of 1976. It features a two page written interview with Marvel Creators about “whats next”, and a full page splash of Ms.Marvel by “Jazzy” John Romita Sr. and a preview image of the full cover for Ms.Marvel #1.

The current established first appearance of Ms. Marvel is Ms. Marvel #1 was published by Marvel in January of 1977. So… Foom #15 came out Four months before Ms. Marvel #1 and features a Cameo at worst of Ms. Marvel. The First Cameo appearance.
This revelation has resulted in a plethora of copies selling on ebay ranging from $25 to $65 – with the highest Graded CGC 9.6 copy selling for $165 USD, this week.

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Even though almost all reasonably priced available copies have sold on almost every online platform, this book can still be found in the wild in near mint condition for under $30, with lower grade copies going for much less.

This is a book with a lot of potential growth. While more people start talking about this book and its Ms. Marvel pin-up, the books value can only grow.

Should I talk about Batman #475?

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  • I know i am eager to hear about Batman #475! I am digging it out in anticipation! Love your tips.

  • Yes, please. Would love to hear an update on Batman 475. I picked up a near perfect copy just before Gotham premiered!

  • Yes please!
    Would love a detailed talk about batman 475

  • Just wanted to see if you have ever covered the issue of Marvel Age #12 in the past? Haven’t seen any reference to it for many years and just forgot about it until I was looking through my personal stash from when I was a teenager back in the early 80’s. Here is some inf I found… which stirs up the pot that in this issue WAS THE FIRST EVER LOOK AT SPIDERMAN’S BLACK SUIT, MONTHS BEFORE ASM #252 (which I also have by the way). Just wanted to see other folks’ thoughts as I love this treasure hunting side to collecting… see below, thanks, Greg F. “It’s the big Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Issue! Get a preview on all the stuff from the historic series! PLUS! See Spider-man’s black costume sketches in a comic that came out 2 MONTHS BEFORE Amazing Spider-Man # 252 (and Marvel Team-Up # 141 & Spectacular Spider-Man # 90. Secret Wars # 8 came out 7 months later). So… would this be the ACTUAL FIRST APPEARANCE of the alien costume that later becomes Venom? Article on Secret Wars, with designs of Spider-Man’s new costume; Associate Editor Jo Duffy discusses Heartburst; writer Jim Salicrup discusses The A -Team; Secret Wars. Cover by Mike Zeck and John Beatty. Cover price $0.25.”

  • Hi,

    Probably worth noting that Amazing World of DC Comics 6 (cover date May 1975) has a similar sketch of Power Girl that predates All-Star Comics 58 by some months.

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