Hollywood Daze: Teen Titans TV-Show? Part – 2

The Nerdist Published an article on Monday detailing the new line up on the live-action Teen Titans TV-Show. I talked about this briefly here. The following is titled, Teen Titans Part 2, Hawk and Dove and how Jeff N (of Google Plus fame), was first to point a few things out. For that I am forever indebted to him, and by reading this, you are too.

Hawk and Dove first appeared in Showcase #75 and with the recent television show news, all of the reasonably priced copies of this book on ebay have sold. No longer is the VF copy commanding $80, moving into the $150 area.


The TV-Show will feature Hawk and Dove, however, it will not feature the Hawk and Dove featured in this book, which has sparked up a new Teen Titans TV-Show Key. (as Pointed out by Jeff N before anyone else) – The Hawk and Dove in Showcase #75 are Hank Hall and Don Hall, two brothers. The characters appearing in the TV-Show will be Dawn Granger and Hank Hall. Dawn Granger first appeared in the Rob Liefeld drawn mini-series, Hawk and Dove (Volume 2) #1.

This book can still be found for under $10, and will end up being a very crucial key in the Teen Titans series, as based on the already potential cast, it will be more female oriented.

Will there be a part three?!?!? Read Part 1 Again,

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