IMAGE WATCH: Plutona #1 – Emi Lenox

Jeff Lemire is one of DC’s top five writers, and this year he has three creator owned titles coming out from Image. A.D. (After Death) – written by Scott Snyder and drawn my Lemire, Descender written by Lemire and drawn by Dustin Nguyen and Plutona written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Emi Lenox. It seems like 2015 is about passion projects for Lemire. And that is awesome. He’s very friendly with all of the people he has announced Image titles with, so it can be assumed that he has long standing plans for these titles.


Emi Lenox is an upcoming indie artist. Her personal journal comics, started as a web-comic are collected and published by Image are critically acclaimed and she was recently announced to be taking over art duties on Nowhere Men. (if Nowhere Men ever starts to get published again.)

I think Pultona #1 is going to be big. But more so I think the collaboration between Lemire and Lenox is going to prove legendary. – Scalped #43 went up in value because it was the first time Southern Bastard #1 creators, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour had worked together. A similar situation could arise from the first Lemire / Lenox work. 

During Lemire’s Vertigo Series, Lemire was the primary artist, writing the entire story – however during the run he gave Matt Kindt art duties on five issues and did one collaboration issue with Nate Powel, Matt Kindt and Emi Lenox – Sweet Tooth #19.


This is also the first published work by Emi Lenox not already released online. While more news about the Plutona series comes out and the book eventually drops, I would expect interest in this book to grow.

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