I Hear the Secrets That You Keep / When You’re Walking in Your Sleep

Last week Bleedingcool broke the Sleepwalker story. At the end (the last page) of the most recent Fantastic Four Issue (#642) – this appears

Image-701-600x917This is the first issue of the “final” arc of the Fantastic Four, before Marvel stops publishing monthly on-going issues. This, and the bleedingcool article speculation, has resulted in The Sleepwalker #1 from 1991 to become a $15 book overnight. This book can be largely found in dollar bins and in your local comic book stores back issue bins. Its in no way a rare or hard to find issue, its just a series that no one has really cared about.

This is a pump and dump situation as Marvel has not said anything about Sleepwalker’s future in the Marvel U. Also, considering Marvel has announced they plan to end the current universe and start over after / during / through the storytelling of secret war – the future of Sleepwalker looks very bleak.

Keeping that in mind, it might not be a bad idea to pick up Sleepwalker’s first appearance. Marvel Age #100, published one month before Sleepwalker #1, and featuring a 5-page preview of the issue.


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