Word?!?! Wolverines #3


This week Wolverines #3 came out introducing another female character into the Marvel Universe, Fantomelle. So far the first print of this book has sold out at the distributor, however, the book to look for is the Gerald Parel 1:25 Variant cover (picture above). Featuring X-23.

Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 11.28.58 PMThis book is on fire, averaging a $40 selling price online. This book is one to be holding on to, as the prices seem to just be going up.

With Marvel’s focus on female characters it is a good time to start focusing on first appearance female books this one should be obvious.

NYX #3
First appearance of X-23 – Who? Wolverine’s Daughter – Why? Huge role in the development of the Wolverine character for 2015 Marvel.

NYX_Vol_1_3This book has always sold well in CGC 9.8 – however, raw near mint copies can still be bought up for around $100 – and sometimes you can find lower prices at comic conventions.
This is a book to be holding on to!

Coming Soon:
Another NEW Arrow Character to talk about?
Sleepwalker catch-up?

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