Word?!?!? LadyKiller #1 Dark Horse Comics

Another week passed and another $10 book that came out last week.
Usually with Dark Horse Comics it takes a while for a book to catch on or some kind of hollywood announcement to push the book into a second printing. This book, Ladykiller #1 came out last week and is already sold out at the distributor Why? The book’s great! This book has been getting stellar review and is Joëlle Jones’s first creator owned series. Why bring an original series to Dark Horse instead of Image? I don’t know. But this book is in demand and as such has been selling on ebay for $10.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 1.54.51 AM
As the next issues come out this book has a lot of potential. If the book is delayed and issue #2 doesn’t come out, this book will be dead in the water. Next month we’ll know where this title goes.

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