WORD?!? Mike Wolfer’s Curse of the Ragdoll

CORRECTION: The first appearance of the Ragdoll is not the kickstarter book has mentioned here. Its is Avatar Raw Media #1 from 1998 – discussed at length here.

This book is very difficult to track down at the moment, especially considering its successful Kickstarter last summer. Mike Wolfer recently expanded on his current ‘Ragdoll’ graphic novel series and has made it very apparent that his goal is to turn the book into a monthly series, already having interest from different publishers.

Mike Wolfer is known for his self-published book Widow and for his current Avatar work becoming a staple writer for Avatar, working on such titles as Night of the Living Dead, Crossed, Stitched, and Friday the 13th to name a few. So far Wolfer has launched two kickstarter crowdsourcing campaigns for his Ragdoll series and both were not only successful but had a vast surplus of donors, the first campaign doubled its goal, the second one quadrupled.

Right now the book to look for is the first in the series, The Curse of the Ragdoll, a 74 page graphic novel – it has two variant covers. This book features the first appearance of the Ragdoll, had a low print run when compared to most minor comic companies and had future potential for on-going series written and drawn by an established artist.

Below is Wolfer’s stated goal from November as well as the recently revealed cover to a potential on-going series.


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