Highest Valued Modern / New-Modern Comics to invest in 5 years?

This was brought up on a message board and I thought it was appropriate to talk about in a full length post. Disagree? Comment below!

Q: What is the Highest Valued Modern or New-Modern Comic to invest in for the next five years? 

A: Error or recalled moderns, with a focus on The Walking Dead #100 Hero initiative blank.

There have been mixed reports about how many copies of this book found there ways out of the hands of Image / The H.I. – with the official number being unknown, anywhere from 5 to 25 copies exist, with a few finding there way for sale on ebay.
The CGC has decided they will not grade them. CGC had indicated in e-mails, that Hero Initiative had contacted them about the blanks and regarded them as stolen. CGC not grading books they deemed as stolen resulted in this.

Prices on these books are very sporadic, with a raw copy selling five months ago for $800 – previous sales raw sales in December 2013 in the $700 range. This book, because of its unknown theft status, will experience a lot of growth in value in the next ten years.
If you were going to bet on one modern book from the last five years for investment, this is the one! (not to mention the high popularity of Walking Dead and its relation to the TMNT in potential for long-term fan-base popularity.)

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  • Kind of hard to invest in a book where there are between 5 and 25 copies. They’re so rare they will be too infrequently seen to develop a market. CGC not grading them also hurts.

  • If Wolverine was Marvel’s fan favorite of the ’90s and Deadpool was Marvel’s fan favorite of the ’00s, who’s the Marvel fan favorite of the ’10s? Seems like the first appearance of that character would be a good investment book after watching the rise of NM 98.

  • I disagree, nowhere to go but down, extremely inflated.

  • I would rather discuss or debate books to invest that have not peaked or barely exist. Would be good if these books were not related to movies known to come out in the next five years. There are plenty of online sources covering books far along in their uptrend or are just worth getting because they have a small print run.

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