Burr: Amazing Spider-Man #11 Variant / Skybound Mystery Box Update

Its cold outside and Marvel Comics knows it. Thats why they’ve teamed up with Young Money’s Birdman and have announced a custom variant cover to ship next week – in the same vein as the Daredevil / Punisher energy Drink Variants and the Captain America No Flex Zone Variant.


This book is cool for a few reasons, for one it has the King Pin signing Birdman to what can only be assumed is a Disney record contract, and two, the current Lil Wayne / Birdman controversy has no end in sight! Every week there seems to be a new news story. (Lil Wayne wants off his record contract and Birdman AKA Baby AKA Stuntaman AKA CEO Owner of Lugz won’t let him)

Amazing Spider-Man #11 1 Per Retailer Variant 

This book has already sold on Midtown comics website for $80! No copies have sold on ebay yet, but this could be a first to the market scenario where if you are able to secure a copy you might be able to double or triple your money. This is a one-per store variant – so you will want to contact your LCS store.

Also, This is “old news” but still pretty interesting. Was posted on Bleedingcool a few days ago – This book is the first appearance of Daisy Johnson who has recently appeared on the SHIELD TV-Show. Now this book is selling for upwards of $30+ so start digging out your copies!

Secret War #2

Here are three videos of me opening up some of my Mystery Boxes. I got some pretty cool stuff. Did you guys get anything good? Comment Below! 🙂

Video 1 (Two Boxes) 

Video 2 (Four Boxes)

Video 3 (Three Boxes)

Happy Speculating

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