Week of December 4: Over the Garden Wall and the rise of All Ages

In the last year there has been a lot of speculation around children’s books. We can look at the rise (and fall) of Farlaine the Goblin #1 or the tremendous run Adventure Time comics has had with Boom! and the very sporadic high priced #1 sales. My little Pony and Skyward, also all ages books, have seen a very large interest in sales, fan growth, and second market speculation. Last week Over the Garden Wall Special #1 came out from Boom – selling out at diamond. This book was selling last week for $10+ and this week has made a steady increase selling towards the $25 mark.


Not a lot of stores ordered this book, and a lot of comic stores have special kids comic sections – so this might be a little difficult to track down.

Image Floor Display Logo Update:
In the last two weeks two more Image Display Variants have been released

ODY-C #1
IMG_0001Tooth and Claw #2 Cover A With new Logo, making it cover C, the Alex Ross Cover did not have one

For a list of all the Image Floor Display Variants Click Here 

Happy Speculating

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