Hollywood?!?! Suicide Squad Speculation

I wrote a new post and apparently it was deleted. Which makes me sad. So this is my retry.

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I’ve heard a lot of reaction to the new Suicide Squad film cast choices that were announced today, mostly negative reaction. Will Smith is playing Deadshot being the main issue on peoples minds. I grew up in the 90’s, I remember Men in Black, I am excited. Another great piece of information that came out of the announcement today was the writer, director of the film, David Ayer of recent Fury success. But what people arn’t talking about is how David Ayer wrote Training Day. Which is what has me again, excited for this film.

For the past few months there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Suicide Squad film, DC Legends #3 and Brave and the Bold #25 seem to be on everyones want lists, however, there are two books that seem to have fallen through the cracks in todays press release.


It was announced that Captain Boomerang is to appear in the film, his first appearance, Flash #117 can still be found in the wild (offline, off the computer, off ebay) for under $50. This book has a lot of moving room.

Another book to look for is Strange Adventures #187 – the first appearance of Enchantress who is to be played by the actress with the largest eye brows in hollywood. This book is on the rise, the best demonstration of that is this auction,

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Last week this book couldn’t sell at auction grabbing no bids at a starting price of $9.99

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 12.21.14 AM

This week the auction is at $44.44 with three days to go. Same book relisted.

Strange Adventures #187 and Flash #117 are two books that right now are certainly undervalued.

Happy Speculating

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