Week of November 25: WORD?!: Black Friday Walking Dead

I did a week round up a few days ago, but its time for this week to end already!
I know Marvel Point 1 #1 has been having a lot of speculation related rumours surrounding it. Right now I don’t see it doing anything so I would just ignore it.

This weekend is American (Fake) Thanksgiving which means Black Friday is upon us again. Black Friday, when getting high and waiting for the youtube clips of people fighting in Walmart over the next Grand Theft Auto becomes acceptable.


Two Years ago Skybound released the unsigned Walking Dead #100 red foil variant – quickly becoming the hardest to find of the Walking Dead #100 books. This year they are releasing a similarly exclusive website book, The Walking Dead #1 10 anniversary black and white #1, however, this one comes in a mystery box. with other product.

The Box costs $50 and Includes
∙The Walking Dead #1 Black Anniversary Edition!
∙2 additional Skybound comic variants!
∙4 T-shirts
∙2 additional mystery items

These Boxes go on sale on Friday and will sell out fast! Link attached.

Another Book that comes out this week that you should be looking for is the Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Second print. Already selling for $7 to $15 in presale, this is the new book to buy this week.


Happy Speculating

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