Word?!?!: Kamala Khan

This is pretty cool but also unexpected. The first appearance of the new Ms.Marvel is heating up based on movie speculation. Will the new Muslim Ms.Marvel show up in the Captain Marvel movie – based on her character relation in recent Marvel comics storylines with Captain Marvel. Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel first appeared in Captain Marvel #17 on the last page, as a cameo appearance before the launch of the new Ms. Marvel series. However, the second print of this book, Captain Marvel #17, features Kamala on the cover and is trending upwards past $15.

This book is one to hunt for, Captain Marvel #17, second print.


Also entering the $15+ arena is Captain Marvel #14 – Where Kamala Khan appears but isn’t named or identified. Will the market lean towards this book being her first appearance? (Thanks Dan Wozniak and Thomas Vaeth for bringing this to my attention)


Happy Speculating

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