Week of November 23: Books I Havn’t talked about

Heres a run down of a few books that have heated up over the past week or two that I havn’t talked about.

Global Frequency has been picked up by as a TV-Show. This is the third time this series has been rumoured to have a hollywood project in the works, however, this time there are Hollywood studios confirming the move.

Sets of this series have been selling anywhere from $50 – $100 – Global Frequency issues can largely be found in dollar issue bins, Global Frequency #1 is definitely going up.

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 3.59.45 PM
Micronauts Volume 1 #8 is quickly becoming a $50+ book because it features the first appearance of Captain Universe. This happened a few weeks ago, but most Micronauts issues are easy to find due to low interest.


Another book heading into the $50+ arena is Action Comics #521. This book features the first appearance of The Vixen – who is rumoured to be in the Suicide Squad movie.

Coming up:
Wytches Eh Variant’s – I’m going to premier the Eh Variant Wytches Covers here in the coming days.

Happy Speculating

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