Pump and Dump: Doctor Strange / Tweet Tweet

I really don’t enjoy social media speculation or twitter or the twitter-verse for that matter. But, no argument can be made that certain tweets can effect the comic market. The best example of recent times being Vin Diesel and his Groot tweets – which largely helped propel Groot first appearances early into GOTG speculation.

The Doctor Strange movie is happening, Marvel has made that much clear, but there hasn’t been concrete information about casting or plot – there has been a lot of speculation around Benedict Cumberbatch – but every week for the past two months there seems to be a new name signed onto the movie. The director of the film, Scott Derrickson tweeted out a picture from the Marvel Graphic Novel, Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa – resulting in all Buy it now – for sale copies on ebay to sell. This book is trending up and it might just have a small window. No plot has been given for this film, right now the idea is that the movie might be using this book as its source material – and all of that is based on a tweet of panel art by the film’s director – all this needs is the director clearing popular conscience for this book to drop off the map again.

This book has some easy pump and dump potential.

$_57Doctor Strange – Into Shamballa

Happy Speculating
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