Hollywood Daze: Thor Ragnarok

Marvel did a summit announcement earlier today where they announced their schedule for the next five to seven years for films. Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Infinity War Avengers, Captain America Civil War, all already rumour milled for the last 12 months got confirmation today. The two shocking announcements were the Captain Marvel and Thor: Ragnarok spotlights.


Ragnarok in the marvel universe has two meanings, one a lot more exciting than the other. In Marvel Civil War, Ragnarok is a Cyborg Clone of Thor that Tony Start accidentally creates only to go on a war path. That would be awesome if marvel went this path with the film because it is the Bizarro Superman of the Marvel Universe, and a like-Bizarro Superman film before a real bizarro Superman film could be a real winner for Marvel.


Ragnarok was a post-humous name given to a story line from 1978 that has recently been collected by Marvel. It features Thor #272 to #278.


The first appearance of Ragnarok, Civil War #3 and the first part of the Ragnarok storyline, Thor #272, have the best future speculation wise.


Captain Marvel Movie

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  • I enjoy your site! Thank you.
    We initially heard rumblings of these movie announcements back at SDCC. I too researched Thor Ragnarok and agree totally on your predictions. I’d imagine 1st appearances of The Enchantress and the Executioner along with Surtur will be at a premium.
    Which brings me to Captain Marvel!
    I see you’ll be updating your site for her in tomorrow’s predictions, but I wanted to comment on that now if I could. Captain Marvel’s (Carol Danvers) books to look for are a little trickier in my opinion. We all know the Marvel Super Heros #13 (1st app) and Ms. Marvel #1 will be hot! But I she didn’t actually become Captain Marvel that will portrayed in the MCU until her own series in 2012 by Kelly Sue DeConnick. Captain Marvel #1 2012 should be the book to get! They are made black and white variant 2nd printing that should be a tough book to find in my opinion, and the 1:25 variant should be extremely valuable to collectors!
    Although with that all be said Carol Danvers 1st app and the actual Captain Marvel is Avenging Spiderman #19!! There also a 2nd print black and white variant that should be mega hot in my humbled opinion.

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