Hollywood Daze: Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel movie announcement is one of the greatest things to happen to comic book movies since Steel.


Captain Marvel comes out of the Golden Age and had versions written up by both DC comics and Marvel, creating the confusing Shazam / Captain Marvel Complex. Well Marvel has tried to squash all confusion by announcing the film version of Captain Marvel will be the all new 2014 Marvel Now female Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. I am still confused. Good thing this film comes out in 2018 – a year before the DC Shazam film staring the Rock. How are both of these movies, with such similar characters going to fair at an already diminished the box office?

Two books to look for coming out of the Captain Marvel news are,
Captain Marvel Volume 7 #1 – *THANKS JAMAL AND SIMON FOR CORRECTING ME!! 🙂
– Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel


Marvel Super Heroes #13 First appearance of Carol Danvers 

Happy Speculating
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  • The 1st carol as captain marvel is Avenging spiderman #9 . Predates captain marvel 1. That will be the book to go after

  • Captain Marvel’s (Carol Danvers) books to look for are a little trickier in my opinion. We all know the Marvel Super Heros #13 (1st app) and Ms. Marvel #1 will be hot! But she didn’t actually become the Captain Marvel that will portrayed in the MCU until her own series in 2012 by Kelly Sue DeConnick. Captain Marvel #1 2012 should be the book to get! They are made black and white variant 2nd printing that should be a tough book to find in my opinion, and the 1:25 variant should be extremely valuable to collectors! With that all being said Carol Danvers actual 1st app as Captain Marvel is Avenging Spiderman #9.
    There also a 2nd print black and white variant that should be mega hot in my humbled opinion!

  • Yes, Avenging Spider Man #9 predates Captain Marvel #1 (2012) by about a week. I’d pick up both.

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