Week of October 20: Civil War and Lady Thor

Marvel / Disney sent the following picture to the media this week which has resulted in some pretty cool speculator trends.

The most prominent story coming from this is that Marvel is publishing new Civil War Comics in 2015 and that Spider-Man is being brought into the Marvel cinematic Avengers universe, with Tony Start and Steve Rogers fighting each other. Marvel hasn’t really explained what is in the works, however, ebay sales speak volumes about the future of Civil War.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 8.23.55 PM

Currently this book is averaging sales above $35, with the Turner covers going for more. This is a case of sell while the gettings good. The book had a large print run and is widely available in the comic book store wild. Find, and sell as fast as you can.


Another book that has been getting a lot of interest is Thor #321 – this is a result of the New Marvel Now Thor #1 from 2014, the first appearance of female thor. There has been some speculation on Thor #321 featuring the first appearance of a female holding the hammer of Thor – I have read this book and I can’t find where this happens, however, this book is steadily selling for $10 on ebay. Another easy dollar bin find.
Happy Speculating
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  • What if #10 is the first appearance of a female wielding Thor’s Hammer. It’s Jane Foster; though not in continuity it is still the first.

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