Quick flip – Books from this week October #1 – UPDATED

This week is all about variants and image over-sized books.
Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Deadpool Photobomb variants start coming out this week and there appears to be two winners with buy and dump potential.

UPDATE: Looks like a day in, and already prices are starting to Fall out on the Spider-2099 Variant. $10 sales? Looks like these Deadpool 75th anniversary variants have time to buy for cheap or avoid all together written all over them. NO MIDDLE GROUND! 

Captain America #25 1:25 Variant – Featuring Captain America with Hitler and Deadpool – Opening up at $20 in presales


Spider-Man 2099 #4 1:25 Variant already selling for $45+ on presales   Peak Sales of $10 – $20 as of October 2! 


Another book that isn’t really on anyones radar, however due to its size and oddball nature, shouldn’t be on too many shelves tomorrow – From Image – James Harvey’s Masterplasty #NN (one-shot) – 


This book has long term potential written all over it. – Plus the Image Kung-Fu Bible Stories sold for more than three times cover (of $20!) the first two weeks it was released – this book has potential. Be careful though – I had a near mint copy that after a twenty minute drive became Very Fine / Very Fine Minus. This book is huge and delicate.

Happy Speculating
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