Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Three

I’m not sure what Boom Studios and 20th Century FOX is but today marks the third title to be optioned for a partnered multimedia project. First Malignant Man, Than the Foundation, now Unthinkable. Will these projects ever actually be seen in other formats?
Well Malignant Man‘s creator, James Wan plans on directing the film, with his previously directing the Conjuring and Fast and the Furious 7. In Short, Malignant Man has been in the works for a while but these other titles could just be FOX testing the waters.
Now unlike The Foundation, Unthinkable has been optioned for a tv-show and FOX has announced that is has sunk a lot of money into the project already, one day into the announcement.

Unthinkable #1 BOOM – Cover A or Cover B

Unthinkable_001A       thumbnail
This book was a $3 last week, now its entering the $20+ arena. Find it, buy it, hold on to it until more information comes out about the tv series.

Another book that has been heating up considerably in the past week or two is Bobs Burgers #1. Even with multiple covers, this book seems to be selling towards the $10 mark for regular covers – more for variants.

D.E. Comic Page Template.epsD.E. Comic Page Template.eps
Here you can find a special sketch cover for Bobs Burgers #1 for $10 plus shipping (I bought four copies) – other sketch covers of issue #1 have been selling for $40+ so as long as the series doesn’t die out before you get your copies, this book is a no brainer.

Happy Speculating

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  • It was gonna be a movie 4 years agohttp://www.comicvine.com/unthinkable/4050-26379/forums/unthinkable-picked-up-by-mandalay-pictures-420624/

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