Week of September 2: Wayward


Now that Disney has been ramping up for the new Big Hero 6 movie, the individual issues have seen a generous increase in value. Big Hero 6 #1, both the first print and the reprinted issue five years later are selling for stupid money right now. Time to find the BH6 issue’s you’ve been hiding away. 

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Another book doing quite well on the secondary market is 2001 A Space Odyssey #8 – the first appearance of Machine Man. Sold prices on this book are all over the place, but there is a very obvious upward trend as this character is getting attention for some reason. 


Another dumb book that is heating up but for an actual reason is The New Teen Titans #16 – like other New Teen Titans issues, this book features a “16 page preview comic” – this one features the first appearance of Captain Carrot. – Since Captain Carrot is one of the main characters in Grant Morrison’s Multiverse series – this book is selling for upwards of $40 – $50. 


Add Wolverine 10 and 11 to the list of comics heating up. These are the death of Wolverine prelude issues, and are selling for $10 each on the secondary market. I wouldn’t expect this to last.

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With recent books, Wayward #1 seems to be a winner, the only draw back is the 10 variant covers. Sets on ebay of all the covers are selling for over $100 while The Phantom black and white variant cover (limited to 500) is selling for $40 – $60 by itself. 

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One cover that hasn’t received any attention but is impossible to find is The Wayward Japanese edition, printed 30 days prior to the Image #1 being released, the Japanese edition features black and white pencils with full script in Japanese in manga size. This book was limited to 300 copies and only 50 copies were released in North America. I know of three sales of this book, $50, $100 and $100. This is the clear winner, but the Phantom B+W is also up there.

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