Turn Down for What?!? Adam Warlock

This is old news, but I haven’t talked about. 
James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) confirmed that Adam Warlock appeared in his Caccoon form in GOTG – within the possession of the Collector (thats also where Howard the Duck shows up BTW)  

This has had a pretty positive effect on Adam Warlock back-issues with the front gate winner being Marvel Premiere #1, First appearance as Adam Warlock*. Which in the past month has had sales online ranging anywhere from $3 to $75 in very fine to near mint condition, this book is currently very below the radar. 

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*Before He was Adam Warlock, He was HIM. Which means two other books which should expect some bumps in interest are Fantastic Four #66 and Fantastic Four #67. – Full disclosure, the HIM story line begins in Fantastic Four #65, however, HIM / Adam Warlock does not appear until Fantastic Four #67.  So if you have to pick one over the other…

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These two books have seen substantial growth in the past six to twelve months. 


Another Fantastic Four Book to look for is Fantastic Four #36. As previously mentioned, Marvel is in the works of making an Inhumans film, and a female protagonist used in many Marvel Inhumans comics is Medusa, A Character that first appears in Fantastic Four #36 and later joins the inhumans (well, she’s actually described in the Marvel U as belonging to the Inhumans). This book is also the first appearance of the Frightful Four, so its already not cheap, but if Marvel Movie past history has taught us anything, this book has flip-able written all over it. 


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The Fade Out #1 came out this week – First print sold out day of release, large magazine format first prints sold out a week prior to release – sets of both combined selling for $20+, or $13 for the magazine. Easy Cash.

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The Death of Wolverine apparently has apparently started a collectors craze. I didn’t realize until now. Wolverine (2014) #8 and #9 the first parts of the Death of Wolverine story line are selling for $20+ as sets and $10+ each respectively. I didn’t believe it first either, buts its true. See if you can find some copies for a quick turn and burn. 


Happy Speculating
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    Of course you didn’t believe it at first about Wolverine, because you are a douchebag that always reports things AFTER they happen, and you understand very little about comics or the market.

    You pretty much just gather information from people who do real research, and then post it like you are in the know.

    No one could make quick cash reading your blog, because you post about shit LONG after it is relevant.

  • This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve
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