Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Two (Continued)

So James Gun, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, recently confirmed that Star-Lord’s father in the Marvel Movie Universe will not line-up with the Marvel Comic universe. So Star Lord’s father will not be Jason of Sparta (also referred to as J’son of Sparta) and you shouldn’t be buying Marvel Preview (magazine) #11.  Put that in my swing and a miss section. 

There is a lot of rumours coming out in the last few days from the Hollywood / Entertainment scene talking about another Marvel Movie being green lit to move forward. The Inhumans. This isn’t really a surprise, as for the past few years Marvel and even Stan Lee have hinted that an Inhumans film was in the works, This is being branded as Marvel’s Phase Three. Vin Diesel (Groot) also hinted about being cast in the film on his facebook page earlier this week.

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The First appearance of The Inhumans, Fantastic Four #45 (Fantastic Four #46 is first Black Bolt and He’ll be in any Inhumans movie, so its also worth picking up) has been seeing a pretty heavy increase in the last few months, selling over guide, where Very Fine / NM- (9.0) is guided at $450 and NM- (9.2) is priced at $650, copies on ebay are selling for $2-300 more than that. Keep in mind thats without the CGC premium. CGC Graded this book sells for a lot more. (see GPA). 

undervalued-silver-age-comics-fantastic-four-45Another book effected by this current speculation is Marvel’s 1975 series, The Inhumans, with the #1 issue recently selling in VF / NM- for $80 on the secondary market.


There are not a lot of completed listing however there are a few active auctions with very high prices in comparison to the described condition. CGC Graded copies of The Inhumans #1 has also seen a very generous increase in the past few months.

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Jae Lee and Paul Jenkins recently did a very popular 12 part miniseries based on the Inhumans with the same team from 1975. It received great reviews and is definitely worth picking up if you can find the #1 issue for a few bucks. 


So in short, don’t buy Marvel preview #11, try to find reasonably priced FF 45, Inhumans Volume 1 #1 and Inhumans Volume 2 #1.

Swamp Thing 50 / Justice League Dark Del Toro Update with Flash 245 (Thanks Topher)

Happy Speculating
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