Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Two

I liked when comic books went up in value based on quality, merit and relative scarcity, however, this week has been all about Hollywood and speculation based on Comic Book adaptations.

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Boom studio’s The Foundation is being developed by FOX into a movie. This is the second film in recent months to be optioned by FOX, the Malignant #1 being the first.  The Malignant #1 was a $20 book a few days after the movie announcement and The Foundation #1-5 has two sales online at $50. Well current interest in the Malignant has cooled off, The Foundation is very hot. If The Malignant is any indicator, The Foundation is not a good book to be holding on to. 


Another very unreported comic news story is Steve Niles announcing on his Tumblr blog that Breath of Bones is being adapted into a movie by Shrek director Andrew Adamson. Breath of Bones #1 is currently a $4 book. That should change in a day or two once the news catches on. 


A Next #7


This book was posted on Bleeding Cool this week as the speculator pick of the week. In my experience Bleeding Cool isn’t that great for speculation picks, however, this book, which is ripe in many comic book store back issues – is now selling for $20. The book is being pegged as the first appearance of Hope Pym, Hank Pym’s (Ant-Man) daughter. However, there is still speculation of if Hope even appears in this issue or if this issue can really be considered an appearance over a cameo. 


Happy Speculating

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