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AUGUST 16 UPDATE: Director of GOTG James Gun has not said who Star-Lords Father is, however he confirmed he is not following the Marvel Universe comic history (in this instance). 

Caution: GOTG Spoilers Ahead

Who is Star lord’s father?

So the guardians of the Galaxy movie was a huge success. Old news. Anyone who has seen the movie knows they heavily hinted at a sequel and the films box office success means Disney has no choice but to expand this franchise.

Now Star lord is the main character in the film, and he gets his power from his father, an alien. This will be explored in future films, they’re going to explain how Star lord gets his powers and the family connection of why he was stolen from Earth by aliens.

So who is Star lord Father? Well, in Marvel Preview (magazine) #11, we meet Jason of Sparta (also referred to as J’son of Sparta) – this character is later revealed to be Star Lord’s father.



I imagine the first draft of this scene went like this.
“Hey, Dad”
“so this is what you do now? eat girls assholes while largely ignoring the poonanny?”

His first appearance is Marvel Preview #11 and he no doubt will show up in the Marvel film universe.


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