TURN DOWN FOR WHAT: Spread / Black Atom

Wool #1 from Cryptozoic Publishing seems to just keep going up
Ridley Scott is apparently making the series into a movie. – Take that with a grain of salt, remember Pain Killer Jain was a tv-show (same creative team) and is a flop speculatively and When is Mind MGMT coming out?
Right now its hovering around being a $30 to $40 book. 

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Spread #1 second print Faux Action Figure Cover- There has been a lot of speculation around this book, however, confirmed sales today on the secondary market of $8 to $10+. This book is rumoured to have 5,000 print run, and print run numbers publicized for the first print was just under 25,000. – This is probably the book to look for tomorrow


Another book heating up, suffering from rumour and speculation is DC’s Shazam #28 from 1977. Duane Johnson – AKA The Rock, has hinted that he’s going to play Captain Marvel or Black Atom in an upcoming DC comics filmed. Warner Brothers hasn’t made a statement.

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The first appearance of Black Atom is in 1945’s The Marvel Family #1. However, the new speculation buzz is saying Shazam #28 is Black Atom’s first appearance out of the Golden Age. Pumping the book – in High grade to $140 and in the arena of Fine plus condition in the $40 range. This book still has some potential. 

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Happy Speculating

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