Word?!? Spoilers ahead

I havn’t seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but the movies end scene has gone viral. Four words. Howard the fucking Duck!


That means two books are going to see a major increase in value. Its the 80’s all over again! 
Howard the Duck #1 and Adventures into Fear #19 (first appearance of Howard the Duck) 

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Swamp Thing #50 – This book is the first time the Justice League Dark team appears that Guillermo Del Toro plans on using  in his film. This book is seeing increased interest. 
Speaking of Del Toro, with episode four of the Strain coming out this sunday, The Strain The Fall issues #1 to 9 are selling for $50 on the secondary market. Its great! 


Archer Armstrong is being optioned for a movie. The first appearance, Archer and Armstrong #0 has a print run of a million +. So right now its a dollar book. It might be a good time to buy up batches of this book – It could be a $5 book in a year. Keeping in mind what I just said about its print run, the 90 day average on GPA for 9.8s is $65 well the most recent sale is $95. 



Happy Speculating

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