This Weeks Prospects: July 15 2014

So the Spread Convention teaser seems to be doing stupid things on the ebay after market at the moment. Selling for upwards of $300. Tread Carefully if investing in these books – it seems the majority of the print run is being sold by one seller – this book really has no moving room for the next three months, it can only go down.

The Talk of the town this week is Life with Archie #36 – sets of all five covers were selling for $40 five hours ago. Now? $75. This is this weeks winner but again, no one is going to care about this book in three weeks. Your best bet is to get all five covers – otherwise you’re wasting your time. Buy low sell high.

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.57.50 PM


UPDATE: It looks like one cover was very allocated and is the sure fire winner of all five covers. The Fiona Staples cover is the one to buy. Selling for $15+ on ebay day of release – if you’re only buying one, buy this one.


Remember Injustice Gods Among Us #1 and missing the boat on it by not buying it when it came out? A new DC Video game is on the horizon and a tie-in comic book comes out this week that features a unique code in each issue with a special downloadable character or costume or something stupid. Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse #1 should be in demand once the video game comes out – and the Dodson variant cover (already selling for around $50) – should also be a hit.

$_57-3                 $_57-2


A book I forgot to mention and seems to have passed by most people is Firestorm Volume 1 #3 The first appearance of Killer Frost a character that steadily appears against Firestorm in every incarnation of the character. Killer Frost has appeared on CW’s Arrow so one can assume that Killer Frost should show up at some point on the Flash TV-Show. (seeing as the Firestorm is penned as the Flash’s new Crime Fighting best friend or something stupid).

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 11.17.17 PM

– BTW SPOILERS – I watched the Flash Pilot episode (it’s streamable online) and it was terrible. 30 seconds before the Flash’s mom dies she tells him how he doesn’t need to go fast. Its painful.

– The Strain’s first episode was good. I couldn’t stop starring on the main characters hair. He was bald in House of Cards! Next week after the second episode of The Strain #2 is probably the best time to unload your strain comics.


Happy Speculating

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  • Caitlin Snow is one of the members cast for Flash. She not only helps cause the accident that made the Flash but will probably be responsible for Firestorm. She is also an alias of Killer Frost.

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