This Weeks Prospects: July 9 2014

Spread #1 came out today and almost as expected sold out from Diamond distributors almost immediately. Right now the book is selling for $10 on ebay making it this weeks obvious winner for speculation. There are also a few variants, a Walking Dead 19 homage, Third-EYE Variant and a Phantom Variant (so far, might be more) – both of which are selling for $15 – $25 on the secondary market.


The one book that you should be looking for is The Spread Convention teaser. 250 were made, 50 of which have a yellow insignia, while the other 200 are blue. This book hasn’t appeared on ebay since May – it was sold at conventions by the author. If you believe in Spread – this is the book to be chasing.

Another book that came out today that sold out at diamond and has been performing well on the secondary market is Sherwood, Texas #1 by 12 Gage Comics – its a reimagining of the Robin Hood character as a biker.
(which I imagine is like Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer Graphic Novel, which again is just me assuming based on the books title, is about Pinocchio killing vampires by going up to them and than saying things like “I hate my parents” having his nose grow and than head butting vampires in the chest only to say “I’m a good little boy” having his nose shrink back.)

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 7.49.24 PM


Sherwood, Texas #1 was first released as a FCBD special and has been selling online for $3 – 5. It doesn’t sound like much but this book is a dollar book and many stores didn’t order it because of its indie publisher. Based on the 300% mark up on day of release, both the FCBD edition and the #1 have potential.

Happy Speculating

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