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When asked what the first appearance of Rocket Racoon is there are two possible answers, Marvel Preview #7 (1976) or The Incredible Hulk #271 (1982). Incredible Hulk #271 is largely favoured over the issue of Marvel Preview because its in comic form where as the Marvel Preview is in Magazine format.

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A similar predecessor first appearance book that is scarcely touched upon is Apocalypse’s real first appearance. No, no the difference between X-Factor #5 and X-Factor #6, but the difference between Marvel Graphic Novel #17.

Marvel Graphic Novel #17: Revenge of the Living Monolith came out October 1985, eight months before his cameo appearance on X-Factor #5, released in June of 1986. The Marvel Wiki-page lists Marvel Graphic Novel #17 as the first appearance of Apocalypse. This is a book that can easily be found for under $20 in a back-issues bin at your local comic book store.

CGC 9.8 copies sell for $250 – $300, but raw copies are rarely seen for under $70. Again, this book can be found easily for $20. Find it and list it. Like with those two Rocket Racoon first appearances – with Apocalypse starring in the New Avengers movie, this book is only going to go up.

Rat Queen Update:

When Rat Queens #1 came out it was speculated on as being the next Peter Panzerfaust, so many stores ordered heavily on issue #1 – but when sales didn’t match the books stellar reviews, the book didn’t really pick up a strong fan base until issue #3 and #4 came out – this resulted in very low print runs for the second printings and Cover B’s of Issues #1, 2 and 3. The print run on issue #1 second print is under 5,000 and features a great Riley Rossmo cover – It fetches around $30, and the Rat Queens #2 second print is selling for around $40. These are books to be looking out for.




Did you know they’re making a new Star Wars Movie?
I think this speculation is stupid but its based on fact – (the original Marvel Series) Star Wars #42 has seen some substantial movement recently. The book guides in overstreet for about $20, but its on the rise because its “first appearance of Boba Fett”. Which means: Star Wars #42 – Expect big things. 



Happy Speculating

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