O’Really Factor: X-Factor and Rat Queens


Rat Queens #1 Fiona Staples Variant seems to be hitting the $100 mark, steadily selling for $90+ on ebay in multiple sales. I’m surprised. But #1 regular covers are heading towards the $20 mark, only days after the television hollywood news. Other Rat Queen books to look out for are the Cover B Character variants. These books have lower print runs than the Cover A’s for the same issues. Rat Queens Cover B‘s for Issues 2 to 4 are already hitting the $10+ mark on ebay, at this point, they only have room to grow.

ratqueens(the Cover B’s are this Image cut into four)

X-Men Days of Future Past has an end credits scene that hits of Marvels Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. A Team recently revived in Marvel Nows! Age of Apocalypse The Horsemen of the Apocalypse features Archangel and has some recent sales on ebay for $6 – $10, which doesn’t sound like much, but its an X-Factor book so its very easily found for $1 to $3, X-Factor #15 This book has a lot of potential for long term growth.



Who /What is (a) Volcana? Updated

imagesThere has been some talk about DC’s Volcana recently, as there has been talk of many of the DC Batman / Superman adventures universes, which is largely a result of the success of Harley Quinn and more recently the high sales and interest in Live Wire.  I don’t think Volcana is the next Livewire, however, there are some very large misconceptions about the character. Volcana never appeared in the DC superman Adventures comic book. Although the DC Wiki and some ebay listings claim Superman Adventures #20 as being her first appearance it is not. She does not appear in the book. Volcana’s first appearance outside of the Superman animated television series was in 1996’s Action Comics #725. Does this book have the possibility of being the next Livewire? Maybe. Probably. No. Probably not. But I mean, anythings possible.

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 2.08.11 AM

Happy Speculating

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