Word?!?! Lobo

I completely forgot to post this but this is a big one. 
No one is talking about it, but I will. 

Omega Men #3 has been rumoured for some time to have some movement, and its growing in price steadily. Its the first appearance of Lobo.

Heres something that only I will tell you, Jason Momoa is signed on to play Lobo in the next DC universe film. Does this mean he’ll be in the Batman Superman movie? Or will it be a justice league film? Maybe a one-shot?


Either way, Jason Momoa has been signed on to play Lobo and you heard it here first. 



  • Thanks for posting this. I picked up a NM- copy at my LCS for $10 today. Keep the posts coming!


  • You are correct that Jason Momoa signed on for a DC film. But I think you have the character incorrect.

    Jason Momoa is going to play Aquaman. Some speculate he will be part of the Batman/Superman movie.


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