Spidey Sense: Marvel Now’s Amazing Spider-Man #1


So Superior Spider-Man is about to finish and Marvel is launching Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April. At first, one would think this was a good speculative pick. How many times are Marvel going to relaunch spider-man in the next ten years? My opinion, 0. Superior Spider-man was a terrible title they launched to purposely alienate the Spider-man Fan base – by moving away from tradition and going into the LSD influenced Doctor Octipus Spider-Man. I believe this was done so that more people would get behind marvels planned relaunch of the title with Peter Parker back in costume.

Why is this not a good title to speculate on? 
Print Run. This book is going to have a widely available Alex Ross Colour variant and a Lego / Preview Minimate retailer summit variant, not unlike the Ditko Spider-Man #700 cover – which is going to make more retailers order in higher to qualify for variants – but there are going to be a lot of variants and lot of Cover A copies hitting the market. As of two months ago Marvel was working on 30 special store variants. Since Marvel mandates print runs of 3000 for Store Variants thats 30,000 copies of this new Spider-Man title that are to be sold as manufactured collectibles.

My Picks for the New ASM #1:

The retailer Summit Minimate cover is going to be the hardest one to find and has the most potential to go up in value. Its going to be available exclusively at the Las Vegas Retailer Summit this summer and this will be the first retailer summit where there is no tied in convention. So the only place to buy this book is directly from a retailer attending the summit or on ebay. Its going to be hard.The Alex Ross 1:300 variant is going to have a nice quick flip easy money feel to it. But do not hold onto this book. There are going to be a lot of them.

If you have been following spider-man trends in the past two years you should see Superior Spider-Man 30 / Superior Spider-Man 31 as better picks over Marvel Now ASM #1. Its the last issue of Doctor Ock as Spider-Man and the last Superior Spider-Man issue. It might not sell over cover in the next twelve months, but it has a hell of a lot more potential than ASM #1, considering print run and multiple variants.

Future for Spider-Man

Spider-Man is stupid. But it has a fan base. Marvel just announced a new Peter David Spider-Man 2099 title. From speaking with Ryan Stegman, I know there is a lot of interest at Marvels House of Ideas for this character. Which makes this pick a dollar bin diggers wet dream,

Find it / Buy it : Amazing Spider-Man #365
First Spider-Man 2099




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