Word?: She-Hulk #1 Trends


She Hulk #1 CGC Graded at 9.8 has seen a lot of movement.
In December this book could be easily obtained for $100 plus shipping. Now? The book sells for anywhere from $130 to $150.
When I pulled up GPA Analysis, a pay for use chart ebay sales site that averages out CGC graded titles, this is what I saw:


One or two ebay sales not being included (like the March 1st auction that ended at $165)  is most likely a result of incomplete ebay listings, however, this book is trending up. Why are Marvel Female Super-hero first appearances going up?

When it comes to She-Hulk #1 Now is the time to buy.

PS, GPA for Ms. Marvel #1 in CGC 9.8…


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