Week of March 14

This week has had a lot of talk about Spider-Man and Venom related events. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 has been seeing a steady rise in value as are Guardians of the Galaxy Tie-In Issues. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (good pick up for under $25, should be close to $50 by year end)

Drax The Destroyer #1 – an easy Dollar book find – selling for upwards of $14.99


Annihilation: Conquest Starlord #1 up to $10+

I spoke to Matt Fraction five months ago, he said Inhumans were going to be the next big Marvel thing. Five months ago was the time to buy there first appearance but you can still find deals on it. 

Fantastic Four #45 – This book is only going to go up
Honourable mentions (books you should be buying if you seem them)

SteamPunk Variants for under $10
If you can find Steampunk variants from this month for under $10, they are a good find. Harley Quinn and Wonderwoman Steampunk variants seem to be selling well, but this week its all about Justice League Dark Steam punk Variant – selling for as much as $40! (stable price of $30)


Static #1

A good book, first appearance of Static Shock

Batman Beyond #1 1999
First appearance of Batman Beyond, originally published as a Free Promotional Comic – the first appearance of the “grittier” and “tougher” batman

First Issue Special #2 Green Team #1 
New Green Team Series was cancelled and seems to be selling for cover, which is the first time since the book came out 7 months ago. Buy the first appearance for a few bucks, its a good pick up. 


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