WORD?!: Rocket Racoon and the Guardians of the Galaxy


A good book to be trying to hoard right now is Fantastic Four #205 – its the first appearance of the Nova Corps, who appear in the trailer for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Movie.

This movie has been doing stupid things for some time, from making Hulk 271 for from being worth a buck to almost a two hundred present increase in value in four years to whats happened in the past five days.
btw: Now is the time to be selling your Hulk 271s. You’re not going to get higher prices than this. 
I’m of course talking about this Annihilators #3 – the jury is still out about if this is the origin story of Rocket Racoon and what its significance is, however the book sells for $40 plus. Which is total bullshit. If you have this book sell it. the value will drop. If you see this book for sale, run away.

And of course the other books to look out for that have been selling for $10 – $14. (instead of there usual $1)


She Hulk #44, 45 and 46 – all ebay listings have “rare rocket racoon appearance” in the title. This book is stupid. Its easy to find for under $4, but they’re selling for $10+.

Sure Guardians of the Galaxy 2006 #1 is going up and up in price, from $25 to $100 to whats it at now? $150+?

This will not last forever folks, sell while the fire is burning. Remember Top Cows Hardcore #1?!?!…

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